Doctor On Campus

Our Doctor on Campus (DOC) program allows students, whose success at school is challenged by mental health and wellbeing issues, to be seen by a doctor at school.


Adolescence can be a challenging, stressful and confusing time for many young people and for some, more serious mental health concerns can arise. Mental health concerns can impact on attendance, classroom engagement, academic success and social and emotional stability in both school and post-school years.

Through our DOC program, a GP will consult with students, prepare a Primary Health Care Plan and manage referrals to the Psychologist or Social Work therapist who also visit our school.

All consultations are bulk billed to Medicare, which means that in most cases, the services provided are at no cost to families.

How to access Doctor on Campus
  • Our Wellbeing Team identify and refer students whose wellbeing is having a significant impact on their ability to be successful at school to the DOC program.
  • High need students can be referred to the DOC program by a parent/caregiver, teachers, peers or the students themselves, by contacting the Year Level Coordinator or a member of our Wellbeing Team.