Digital Learning

Willunga High School is committed to providing students with an engaging learning experience that reflects the use of digital technologies in our ever changing global society.


Our vision is for all students to participate in the 1 to 1 program at Willunga High School. Participation means that all students can engage in positive learning opportunities that will improve all learning outcomes and develop skills that will be beneficial to them throughout their lives and careers.

To support this vision Willunga High School commenced a transition to a 1 to 1 Laptop program in 2022.

1 to 1 Laptop Program

From 2025, it is expected that every year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 student will participate in the 1 to 1 Laptop Program. The 1 to 1 program will ensure consistency as each student will have access to their own laptop and software. Laptops are powerful learning tools which provide the opportunity for all students to learn at their own pace and ability level. The Laptop comes equipped with an extensive suite of software and full-on site servicing and support as part of the program. Students will use their laptops to do research, innovative in class activities (ie. virtual reality), solve problems, complete projects and academic course work.

Parent/Guardian Software Request

Please use this form to submit a request for your child to have software installed or updated on their 1:1 Laptop. We will confirm receipt of this request by contacting you. Your request will be addressed at the next IT meeting and you will be informed of the outcome via email. If the request is approved, your child will be sent a direct message and asked to visit the IT helpdesk. Please be advised that any software must be educational or have a direct relationship to the student. Non-educational software, games and music are not recommended as they will take up unnecessary space on the laptop hard drive and therefore impede the student’s learning.

SEQTA Engage and SEQTA Learn

Willunga High School utilises a learner management system called SEQTA, that connects all members of a school, allowing teachers, students and parents to work together in an interactive, supportive, online community. It enables the school to manage attendance, student wellbeing, lesson planning, curriculum mapping, assessment and reporting while also allowing parents to get involved in their children’s education and monitor all aspects of their progress.

To access SEQTA or for more information please click below