SEQTA is a suite of software used by teachers, parents and staff to enable greater collaboration and manage timetables, attendance, feedback and results.


How do parents/caregivers logon to SEQTA Engage?

All parents/caregivers are given log in details to access SEQTA Engage when their child commences at Willunga High School and are encouraged to check for notices regularly.

You will receive an individualised email inviting you to set up your SEQTA Engage account, providing you with step-by-step instructions on how to access SEQTA Engage from a personal computer or through the SEQTA Engage mobile app.

For more information see our:

How do students logon to SEQTA Learn?

All students are given log in details to access SEQTA Learn when they commence at Willunga High School. Please see our using SEQTA Learn video for more details.

If you are unable to logon or have forgotten your username or password, then please contact

What is SEQTA Engage?

SEQTA Engage is a powerful tool for parents/caregivers that provides an overview of their child’s learning. It also provides a communication channel for parents and teachers enabling greater collaboration and enhanced learning outcomes for students.

What does SEQTA Engage allow you to do?

  • Access an overview of learning for each subject your child studies.
  • Monitor your child’s learning progress as their assessments are marked by teachers.
  • Access your child’s academic reports.
  • Send and receive emails from teachers.
  • View your child’s attendance information.
  • See what’s happening in daily notices.

Are there any resources available on using SEQTA?

SEQTA Engage Parent Tutorial

SEQTA Learn Student Tutorial

Who can I contact for ICT Support?

If you require a password reset or technical support, please email: