School Fees

Section 129 of the Education Act 2019 provides the legislative basis for schools in consultation with the Governing / School Council, to set, collect and recover a materials and services charge. This charge reflects the actual cost of the essential curriculum items and services and do not include any Government funded costs.

All of the funds collected from the materials and services charge support the diverse curriculum offerings for our students. These funds support the provision of:

  • Workbooks
  • Text book hire/ eBook access
  • Photocopied material
  • Worksheets that have been copied / printed
  • Access to student information technology
  • Access to machinery
  • Access to equipment
  • Curriculum / subject supplies and services
  • Camps and excursions that are essential to the curriculum
  • Library resources including access to borrowing library resources

The Materials and Services Charge for all students at Willunga High School for 2024 has been set by the Governing Council and supported by the parent community at $550 plus additional subject charges for those subjects identified with additional requirements.

Willunga High School 2024 – Years 7 – 12 Materials & Services

Willunga High School 2024 – FLO   

School Card

An annual allowance is paid to the school by the Government on behalf of approved School Card students. For 2024 this allowance is $379. This assists with the cost of essential curriculum supplies and services. A new application for School Card is to be submitted for each student, each year at the school that they are enrolled in.

Information on eligibility and application forms can be found at or from the Finance Office at our school.

Payment methods

  • Fees can be paid to the finance office by cash, Mastercard, Visa and EFTPOS
  • Direct debit
  • Instalments
  • Qkr app Qkr™ for Schools

(follow the link for Qkr! App instructions QKR Instructions)

Instalment payments

Instalment payments for all invoices can be arranged with our Finance staff.

It is expected that families wishing to arrange an instalment plan will do so in the first weeks of school.