Specialist Netball Program

Our netball program has been endorsed by the Great Southern Netball Association (GSNA) and we are excited to offer this opportunity to dedicated netballers in our school community. Each year there are 10 positions available for Year 7 students. Students who are not initially successful in Year 7, have the opportunity to apply again, for the Netball Specialist Program in Year 8, if positions become available.

Registration of Interest forms are being accepted now for the 2025 Specialist Netball Program and need to be finalised by Friday 10 May 2024
Trials will be held at Willunga High School on Wednesday 15 May 2024 9.00am – 10.30am

Registration of Interest Form


Details of program
The aim of the Netball Specialist Program is to assist student athletes in their sporting and academic pathway. The Netball Specialist Program runs in place of students’ compulsory PE subject. Year 7 students will be in a combined Year 7-8 Netball Specialist Program class and will participate in training days throughout each term as well as their structured lesson times.

Students selected for the program will experience:

  • participation in interschool/state carnivals and knock out sports
  • leadership, umpiring, coaching and sport sciences courses built into curriculum
  • supporting GSNA in umpiring and coaching opportunities
  • specialised health program (including shine sexual health and child protection curriculum units) delivered through the PE course.

Expected Outcomes of the Netball Specialist Program

  • personal development and goal setting resulting in students being clear about their future pathways, and have the ability to plan for, and achieve their goals
  • self-confidence and self-management resulting in high wellbeing
  • teamwork and coachability resulting in employability skills
  • students are motivated to achieve personal best in both academics and personal goals
  • connections with wider community made
  • maintain and/or improve standardised test results throughout years 8 to 10
  • maintain and/or improve SACE results throughout years 11 to 12.

Selection Criteria
Students are required to demonstrate the following criteria through a physical trial game, academic records and a supporting statement from their school/teacher or club:

  • high level of ability and performance in both a training and competitive environment
  • positive and enthusiastic attitude to support their personal development
  • high potential for future development and growth in netball
  • high level of coachability that enables all individuals to seek and accept a variety of feedback
  • high level of ability to improve their skills and knowledge in all aspects of their schooling
  • provide a positive role model for others in their approach to learning, school rules and behaviour
  • demonstrate academic effort and achievement
  • must play/compete for a peak body affiliated or community club.

Netball Specialist Program Selection process/steps

Please adhere to the following process and timeline for your child to be considered for the netball program:

ProcessImportant Dates
Step 1Parent/Caregiver identifies their child’s interest in the program via the school registration of interest form: Registration of Interest FormComplete the form by no later than: Friday 10 May
Step 2Parent/Caregiver provides evidence of academic ability/performance e.g: 2023 school report/s / Supporting statement from Primary School / Club/community statement Please send the required documents via email dl.0909.info@schools.sa.edu.auSubmit via email no later than: Friday 12 May
Step 3Students undertake the trial game process at Willunga High SchoolWednesday 15 May (9am-10.30am)
Step 4All of the evidence creates a “package” that is then reviewed by Willunga High School Leadership; students are ranked based on their resultsFriday 17 May
Step 5Students who are in the top 10 ranking/s of each year level are identified and a contact from their current school is rung for confirmation on their ability to commit to the program and their studyFriday 17 May
Step 6Students are chosen based on the review of all information and numbers available (10 students per year level). All students involved in the selection process are informed of the outcome via email to the parent/caregiver. Families informed of selection outcome via email Monday 20 May