High Intellectual Potential

Willunga High School offers a program specifically for students with high intellectual potential.


Students identified for the High Intellectual Potential program are involved in:

  • ​​Enrichment activities both within and outside of the classroom/school environment
  • An Individualised Learning Plan to support their classroom engagement
  • Opportunities for extension in their studies (such as undertaking selected subjects in an advanced year level)
  • STEM programs and activities

This program is suitable for:

  • ​​Students achieving in the top 10% of their same aged peers
  • Students who display a high level of motivation toward their studies or area/s of academic interests and abilities

Students are identified for involvement in this program based on their NAPLAN, PAT, achievement data, the gifted learner checklist completed by parents and/or Year 7 teacher recommendations.

Students are then required to undertake a further screening test (KBIT-2) as well as their teachers filling out a Gifted Rating Scale. All of this data is then analysed to identify those students achieving in the top 10% of their year level.

Please note that students who are gifted within the Arts and Sports domains are offered alternate opportunities/extra-curricular activities for extension. This program is selected based on students’ intellectual abilities.