Uniform Policy

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The Uniform Policy has been developed in consultation with Governing Council, including parents, students and staff representatives.  

All parents/caregivers are reminded that by enrolling at Willunga High School students are also choosing to follow the school's uniform policy.


We believe in the many benefits of wearing school uniform, including:

  • A sense of pride in one’s appearance and a personal commitment to success 
  • A positive school image and identification with the school
  • A safe environment, where our students are highly visible on campus and off site, and any strangers or visitors to the school can be easily identified
  • A sense of equity and belonging to the school
  • A lower cost to families in the long term by providing economical and serviceable clothing



  1. Modification to the uniform for religious or medical reasons or disability is allowable through individual negotiation.
  2. In situations of financial hardship, arrangements will be made by the Student Wellbeing Leaders and/or the Principal, to supply students with correct uniform.
  3. New students may be exempt from wearing school uniform until they can purchase one. This will be negotiated between the family and the enrolling staff before the student starts.



  • If no explanation is provided, students will be required to change into appropriate uniform or parents may be asked to collect their child so they can change.
  • Students wearing conspicuous makeup or jewellery will be required to remove it following contact with parents, or be sent home.
  • Failure to comply with requests to wear appropriate uniform will be managed through the school’s Responsible Behaviour Policy.



We work closely with a local manufacturer to deliver quality, affordable uniform items.

Suitable alternatives for trousers, pants, shorts, and skorts may be sourced from other suppliers, providing they are plain Navy Blue, do not have obvious, visible logos and are of the same style and fabric.

NO denim, leggings, tracksuit or parachute pants.

Students may wear the following approved items available for purchase from our school:  

Trousers/Pants/Shorts: Plain navy blue

Dress: Blue tartan dress

Skirt: Blue pleated tartan skirt

Polo Shirt: Navy blue polo, or contrast polo with school logo

Windcheater: Navy blue / red collared jumper with school logo

Jacket: Contrast navy / white full zip jacket with school logo



Stockings: black coloured stockings (maximum 40 denier) may be worn underneath the dress or skirt for warmth.

Undershirts: Plain navy or white undershirts may be worn under polo shirts.

Hats: We recommend students wear hats and sunscreen when involved in activities outside. In some cases this may be compulsory. Within buildings, all headwear is to be removed.

Shoes: Students are required to wear closed shoes (i.e. sandshoes, skate shoes or school shoes).

Unacceptable Footwear: Boots covering the ankle (e.g. work boots or Ugg boots), slip on shoes with exposed tops and shoes or boots that have steel caps in the toes due to WH&S regulations.

Make-Up & Jewellery: must be discrete at all times (as appropriate for work environment). Finger nails should be of a length that enables the safe participation in practical and sporting activities. Facial jewellery will be required to be removed in practical classes for safety reasons. These items of jewellery should be restricted to studs only.

Exceptions: bracelets of a ‘medic-alert’ or similar type and items with religious significance for students actively involved with religion.



  • Uniform items are now available direct from our school and can be ordered by completing an order form available for download on our school website or from Student Services.
  • Completed order forms should be submitted to our Finance Office together with payment.
  • Orders placed before 1.20pm will be available for collection from 10.35am the following day.



Students represent the school in many different ways and may have the opportunity to purchase special clothing items as mementos of this participation. These include:

  • WHS ‘seniors’ windcheater/jacket
  • Special commemorative tops may be worn in that year only
  • Volleyball shorts and polo tops are to be worn for volleyball practice and competition events only

Sports Uniform

Students are asked to wear loose fitting clothing to allow free movement when participating in Physical Education and Dance.

Students representing Willunga High in sporting activities must wear appropriate uniform. Further information is available from the Sports Team Manager.

Protective Clothing

Guidelines regarding protective clothing, footwear and eye protection are explained to students attending practical courses.


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