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Uniform Policy

Acceptance of the Uniform Policy at Willunga High School is one of a number of positive outcomes which reflects the quality of our school. These outcomes include pride in one’s appearance and a personal commitment to success.  The Uniform Policy has been developed using a consultative process involving parents, Student Representative Council, Governing Council, students and staff.

Governing Council believes that the wearing of uniform is essential for many good reasons and these include:
• A positive school image and identification with the school
• A sense of pride and responsibility in belonging to this school
• A safe environment, as any strangers or visitors to the school can be easily identified
• A sense of equity, since students do not feel that they have to dress competitively
• A lower cost to families in the long term by providing economical, serviceable and safe clothing

It is an expectation that all students will wear school uniform. There will be no exemption from wearing of uniform except for religious or medical reasons.

“Our students can be proud of their school through their school uniform.”


Trousers/Pants           Plain dark blue (NO DENIM OR LEGGINGS)

Skirt                            Blue tartan skirt

Dress                          Blue tartan dress

Shorts                         Navy blue shorts

Polo Shirt                    Navy blue, white polo or contrast polo with school logo

Windcheater               Navy blue/red collared jumper with school logo.

Jacket                        Contrast navy/white full zip jacket 

Hat                             We encourage all students to wear a hat

Shoes                        Suitable shoes to complement uniform and comply       
                                  with specialist area requirements

Please: NO thongs or ugg boots

Please note: The Principal or delegate reserves the right to judge the appropriateness of uniform items in relation to OHS&W standards.

Specialist Uniform

Students will have the opportunity to purchase specialised items for uniform that represent special programs offered at this school.  This includes:
• Student Representative Council
• Volleyball tops
• Yr 12
• Dance
• VET Hospitality
• VET Furnishing and Doorways to Construction

These uniforms stay within the colour range of the School and are approved by Governing Council.

Sports Uniform

Students are asked to wear loose fitting clothing to allow free movement when participating in Physical Education and Dance.

Students representing Willunga High in sporting activities must wear appropriate uniform. Further information is available from the Sports Team Manager.


Jewellery is restricted to minimal items for safety reasons.  In some subject areas, students will be expected to remove all jewellery for safety and hygiene reasons.


Uniforms are available from Marino Uniforms - email:

Delivery to school every Thursday morning in school term.

PH: (08) 8293 3837 FAX: (08) 8293 3948

Order forms available from the school or on the website.

How parents can support the school

All parents/guardians are reminded that on choosing Willunga High School they undertake to support the school in its expectation that all students will wear the correct school uniform and maintain it. 

This is so important in establishing a culture for work and pride in school and self.

The Willunga High School Governing Council appreciates feedback from the school community regarding this policy and its implementation. Please contact either the Principal or the Administration Officer for further information.


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