Bring the World Home!

Host a student from Japan from 29 October to 9 November


In Term 4, we'll be welcoming a group of students aged between 14 - 16 years old from Japan for one and a half weeks, and we need families to host our visiting students.

Being a homestay family means inviting a student to become a part of your family for the time they are here. Hosting a student from another country is a great experience for the whole family to learn about another culture, food, language, customs and traditions. Learn about another culture without even leaving home.

You don’t need a spare room, students are able to share a bedroom with a local student (same gender).

What does it take to be a Homestay?

There is no such thing as a typical homestay family. You can be single, a couple, family with kids, empty nester or retiree. Whoever you are, what's more important is that you are committed to the program and will be good ambassadors for our State.

What support do I get?
You'll receive a generous allowance to cover any costs and have our continual support. You'll receive a briefing and student profile, plus a program of school activities and cultural experiences.

We appreciate the great support that Homestay families provide for students. Families receive $40 per night to host a student, which helps offset any costs of having another person in the home and allows spending money for the whole family to go out and do special things with their visiting students. For this Study Tour, that's $440.

What do students need?
They need a safe and welcoming home. Mostly they need to be made a part of your family while they are here. From past experiences, visiting students enjoy the relaxed lifestyle and warm hospitality of their Australian host families. They have fun practising English conversation with you and trying various foods. On week days they will be involved in school based programs.

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