Mobile Phone Policy

Mobile Phones and MP3 / 4 players have become the new must have items. Most of our young people use these items for a multitude of purposes including for management of their study programs. The school has the following policy to manage the appropriate use of these items.

Mobile Phones and MP3/4 players are:

  • Brought to school at student’s own risk
  • Are banned from being used in all learning areas.
  • Must be out of sight and turned off during class time.

If students bring a Mobile Phone or MP3/MP4 player and use them during school instruction time they will have to face consequences. The school takes no responsibility for their loss or damage.  As MP3 players are often used as USB drives to save student work this must be done through consultation with teachers.

Mobile Phones

Teaching and Learning programs are being interrupted through continual texting and ringing of phones which impacts on the teaching environment for teachers and hence the learning outcomes for students. It also reflects inattention to study.  Mobile phone use needs to be monitored as they can be used to cheat in tests and to harass and bully others

Taking pictures or movies of someone else without their permission is illegal.

Cyber bullying—this has been of major concern where inappropriate messages and harassment of other students and teachers can occur. Sending these messages is illegal. There are many instances where young people will say something about another person and it is hurtful, and this is broadcast world-wide. Whether it is true or not, it is out there for everyone to read! The slanderous comments can cause psychological damage.

MP3/MP4 Players

These have become increasingly more sophisticated and students are bringing these to school to:

  • Listen to music
  • To store their school work, games, pictures and information

However, they are interrupting the learning environment as:

  • Listening to music means they are not concentrating on school work and not listening to teacher instructions.
  • Material is being brought to school that is inappropriate, illegal and not related to school.
  • Games are being downloaded at home and then used during lesson time.
  • Students share this information with each other and we cannot supervise the material being shared.

The consequences for using a mobile phones or MP3/MP4 player

On the First Occasion:

Students will be warned due to their inattention to study and a note will be placed in their diary.

On the Second Occasion:

Students will be sent to Focus Room for inattention to study and disruption of the learning environment. Parents will be contacted.

On the Third Occasion:

Student will again be sent to focus and after 3 focus referrals—a suspension will be given. Re-entry meetings will be held with parent and student to discuss inattention to study and disruption of the learning environment.

On Subsequent Occasions:

The student will be suspended from school for failing to follow school rules and procedures. The school will contact the police if there is any evidence of illegal or threatening activity resulting from the use of electronic devices.

 What Parents / Caregivers Can Do

  • Be supportive of our legal responsibility to ensure that Willunga High School has a safe environment.
  • Be aware of what your child is downloading.
  • Threatening emails can be followed up through the Government’s tracking system. The laws about threatening emails or SMS messages have changed and people can now be charged. Discourage children from bringing mobile phones or MP3/4 players to school.
  • Understand that if mobile phones or MP3/4 players are lost, stolen or misplaced, no efforts will be made to find the “culprits” by school staff.
  • Be aware that students can be legally charged for cyber bullying “1 in 5 children aged between 13-17 said they had seen or heard people bullying or abusing other people on line”.
  • Download a free internet content filter to help block, monitor and screen inappropriate websites.
  • Encourage your child to keep passwords confidential.
  • Keep the computer in a public area of your home.
Department for Education T/A South Australian Government Schools CRICOS Provider Number: 00018A p:(08) 8557 0100