Attendance Policy

At Willunga High School, student attendance is a high priority.  We believe that students who attend regularly are more likely to be successful at school. Willunga High School uses an SMS system to assist with early identification of non-attendance or irregular attendance.  This message system ensures early parent notification and response.  The Willunga High School Attendance Policy aims to enhance the process of parents and teachers working as a partnership to support students for future success at school.

Compulsory Enrolment and Attendance at school

All children aged between 6 and 17 years of age must be enrolled and attend school regularly.  Under the Education Act of South Australia, parents and / or caregivers are held responsible for the regular attendance of all children in their care.

Why Regular Attendance is Important? A Message to Students

  • The more you attend, the more you will learn and the greater likelihood of you being successful
  • Getting the maximum benefit from school will improve your options for your future life
  • Attending school regularly will develop skills and attitudes such as: self-discipline, punctuality and improved time-management
  • You will learn the necessary social skills to live and work successfully with others
  • You will be safer at school than on the streets
  • People will be more positive about you if you have a good attendance record
  • Attending school provides opportunities for socialising with your friends and will help you to maintain relationships over a length of time

Does my Child have to Attend School Everyday? A Message to Parents

YES, unless you have provided the school with an acceptable reason preventing your child’s attendance, such as:

  • Your child is too sick to attend or has an infectious disease such as chicken pox, mumps, measles, head lice or impetigo (cold sore virus)
  • Your child is incapacitated by injury preventing movement around the school
  • Your child is accompanying you on a family holiday which cannot be arranged in school vacation time -an Exemption from School form will need to be completed (please contact Student Reception).  Approval from the Principal can be given for a period of up to four weeks. Any longer must be approved by DECD.

If possible, dental and medical appointments should be made out of school hours.

Did you know?

If a student is absent 5 days every term this means that he /she would have missed half a year of school by the time they have finished Year 12.  Research shows that one day missed takes four days of effort to catch up.  Under the law, Centrelink has access to School Attendance records and can reclaim monies paid if a student is receiving an allowance and has more than five unexplained absences per term.

Who can help with attendance problems?

Home group Teacher, School Counsellors, Year Level Coordinators, Assistant Principals (Middle and Senior School) and Deputy Principal.

What kind of attendance assistance is available?

  • Discussion of issues and concerns
  • Referral to other support agencies
  • Assessment of student learning needs

Negotiation of student learning plans and investigation of alternative learning pathways

Department for Education T/A South Australian Government Schools CRICOS Provider Number: 00018A p:(08) 8557 0100