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SEQTA Engage Parent Information


Willunga High School uses a Learning Management System where students, parents and teachers engage with the curriculum and each other. We encourage all parents to use the SEQTA Engage portal to engage with their child’s learning.

SEQTA Engage is an online portal that allows you to see information about your child’s attendance, subjects, timetable, assignments, homework, assessment results, school notices, and academic reports.

To access the SEQTA Engage portal, check the parent contact email address that you provided the school. You will find logon information containing usernames and passwords that will explain how to logon to Engage.

For families who haven’t activated their accounts, an email will be sent at beginning of each term with these details.

If you require a password reset or technical support, then please email:


SEQTA is available as an app for your smartphone.

Installing the SEQTA Engage App

A SEQTA Engage App is available for both iPhone and Android devices. To download the app search for ‘SEQTA Engage’ in either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

How to Configure / logon to SEQTA Engage

How to Configure / logon to SEQTA Engage

To configure the App for Willunga High School:


1) Open the SEQTA Engage app and select Add Account.

2) Select “Manual Setup”

3) Enter as the web address.

4) Enter your SEQTA username and password

5) SEQTA Engage now has your account added.


If you have any issues connecting your account to the app, please email:

and our IT team will be glad to assist.

Department for Education T/A South Australian Government Schools CRICOS Provider Number: 00018A p:(08) 8557 0100