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Canteen Price List

Canteen Policy


An important factor affecting the growth and development of children is the nutritional quality of their diet. The school community has a responsibility to demonstrate good choices.

• To encourage long term healthy eating habits amongst the school community.
• To use the school canteen as a venue for nutrition education.
• To encourage the school community to be involved in the school canteen.
• To provide a range of foods based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines.
• To continually review the menu with reference to the nutritional quality of the food.
• To provide a cost effective, financially self-sustaining food service.
• To provide food which is fresh, varied and prepared under hygienic conditions.


Our canteen aims to produce nutritious, healthy food, which is attractively presented at affordable prices to users. Food is presented in a way which is consistent with health education with the school and information of the products for sale is displayed. The whole school community is encouraged and welcomed to assist in canteen duties and the Canteen Committee will meet at least once a term. The Canteen Committee will review prices periodically and makes adjustments when necessary

• The committee shall represent the Willunga High School Governing Council in assisting the management of the Canteen in the policy laid down by the Governing Council.
• The committee will be appointed each year after the Governing Council’s AGM.  The committee shall consist of: Principal (or nominee), School Council representatives, Administration Officer (or nominee), up to two SRC representatives and Canteen Administrators/Managers
• The committee shall meet once a term.

• Reports regularly to the Canteen committee
• Orders and checks canteen supplies
• Administers the daily operation of the canteen
• Cares for the equipment and is responsible for the cleanliness of the premises
• Opens and secures the canteen daily
• Performs a stock-take twice a year
• The daily takings to be checked by the manager and assistant and banked by the manager
• Authorises invoices for payment to the clerical officer or bursar
• Organises and maintains a working roster of volunteer helpers
• Oversees and works cooperatively with canteen volunteer helpers
• Works in harmony with the Canteen Policy
• Has an affinity with students
• Exhibits and expects standards of courtesy from users of the canteen
• Is innovative in marketing and preparation of food lines
• Ensures that cooking devices are properly extinguished at the end of each day
• Provides full and proper safety instructions
• Complies with Health Regulations

Department for Education T/A South Australian Government Schools CRICOS Provider Number: 00018A p:(08) 8557 0100